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Hi! We’re Max and Dan and together, we are The Gliding Faces.

Since September 2019, we’ve been working on an album that fuses the alternative, the electronic, the dance and pop genres together for a listening experience that is haunting, thought-provoking and dark, but somehow reassuring, witty and, above all, enjoyable.

With thirteen tracks on the album, Max lends his emotive writing skills and gorgeous voice, while Dan brings production, backing vocals and a hooky, infectious pop sensibility to the music.


Born: Sometime in the 1990s.
From: Somewhere in Oxfordshire.
Loves: Various art forms (drag, music, sausage rolls)
Influences: Kate Bush, Björk


Born: In the year 1980 of the common era.
From: Hastings, where it all began.
Loves: Creating things.
Influences: Pet Shop Boys, Mike Oldfield, Faithless

That’s a little about us. More will follow on the album in due course.

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